The Assemblies of God, Jamaica

The Assemblies of God in Jamaica was born out of a prayer meeting held by Mrs. Thomas Glover in 1936. The prayer meeting grew rapidly with many converts, which led to the establishment of a church in 1938 at Upper Kings Street, Montego Bay. By this time, the Rev. Cyril Darell-Huckerby, who was rejected by his organization because of his Pentecostal experience, organize a ministry out of Spanish Town know as the “Heart of Jamaica Crusade,” which resulted in the birth of several churches.

The National Presbytery 2021-2023

“…not by might nor by power but by my Spirit.” says the Lord Almighty.

Rev. David Ewen — 1st Presiding Bishop
Rev. Paul Nelson
2nd Presiding Bishop

“Without God we can do nothing. But with God, we can do everything.” 

Bishop Winston Mullings -
General Secretary

“In extreme situations, stay focused, God is in control.”

Bishop Anthony Streete
General Treasurer

“God’s favour, removes bounderies.” 

Rev. Vernon Brackett
County Bishop -Middlesex

“God will give you sufficient grace to finish the race.”

Rev. Lorane Chisholm
County Bishop - Cornwall

“When you’re truly called by God, there is no option to go back to normal , only FORWARD TO BETTER.”

Rev. Jefferie Gordon
County Bishop - Surrey

“Stay focused, determined and committed to the cause.”

Bishop Slowlyn Bailey
Advisory Member

“Regardless of what you’re going through today, there’s a brighter tomorrow.”

“Call to serve, not to be served. Called to give of our best. Called to be led by God, not just to lead men of God. Servants To The People Servants Of God .”

Bishop Sheryl Burton
Presbyter At Large

“God will get the glory out of this.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Evangelize our  world, make disciples of all people, plant indigenous churches and edify the body of Christ. 

Assemblies of God in Jamaica

210 Mountain View Ave, Kingston 6

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


876-927-5865 / 987-927-9213



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